Gender Male
Relatives Nero (father)
Basillius (brother)
Voice actor Gerald Kyd
Appearances Ryse: Son of Rome

Commodus is the eldest son of Emperor Nero and brother of Basillius in Ryse: Son of Rome.


He was supreme commander of Rome's armies, and personal commander of the Sixth Legion. At some pont before the events of Ryse, he was appointed by his father as governor of Britannia. While the previous governor was fair and the Britons lived in peace, Commodus ruled as a tyrant, directly resulting in a massive rebellion led by King Oswald and his son Boudica.

He was badly deluded and narcissistic, a result of being the Emperor's son, and brought up to believe he was a living king, and the entire world should obey him. Furthermore, he was obsessed with his self-image to the people of Rome, and sought after glory to claim he was the greatest warrior in the history of the empire. Despite this self-motivation, he was unfit to command, and his own troops despised him.

Captured by The RebelsEdit

When Oswald and Boudica led their massive army to attack York, Commodus foolishly led his Sixth Legion out to meet them in battle, and although this served to delay the assault on York the Sixth was effectively wiped out. According to a conversation between barbarians in Chapter 4, Boudica himself lead the raid that captured Commodus, and this cemented the Britons' faith in him.

Commodus was taken prisoner by Oswald, who then traded him to Glott, The Horned King of the north, who made plans to erect a Wicker Man and sacrifice Commodus by burning him alive, a fate reseved only for their most valuable sacrifices.

Game Edit

When the Fourteenth Legion captured Oswald and Boudica and reached York, Commodus' brother Basilius threatened to kill Boudica, forcing Oswald to reveal what had become of Commodus, and so Basilius ordered the Fourteenth to go north and rescue his brother.

Rescued by The FourteenthEdit

After Marius kills Glott and destroys the Wicker Man, thus rescuing the captured Vitallion and the rest of his cohort, Commodus begins screaming for the soldiers to free him from his cage, shouting obscenities at them, and they all attempt to ignore him until Vitallion tells Marius to "do the honors". After Commodus is freed, he yells at Marius and thanklessly demands his rescuer give him his cape, and then marches off.

Betrayal and Fall of YorkEdit

Commodus Kills Oswald

Commodus reappears at the start of Chapter 6, overseeing King Oswald's submission at York and the signing of the peace treaty that would end the Britons' rebellion. The meeting appears to go well initially, and Commodus retrieves a dagger with the emperor's seal from a chest, presumably to present it to Oswald as a token of their alliance, describing it as an extension of the emperor's will. He smiles as he tells Oswald to embrace him, and after a moment of hesitation Oswald smiles back and conceits. Just as it appears they have made peace, Commodus stabs Oswald in the back repeatedly, all the while screaming "How dare you".

The Britons within the city are outraged at the betrayal, and a riot ensues as Commodus demand that they all kneel before him. As a rock flies through the air and hits Commodus in the face, he looses his temper and orders Vittalion to put down the revolt, and then loudly mocks the mob as he and his Praetorian guards flee to the dock to escape the city on his warship, leaving the Fourteenth Legion and the city's populace to die.

Gladiator and DeathEdit

Commodus Speech

Commodus appears for the final time in Chapter 7, when Marius, now having assumed the mantle of Damocles, swears revenge on Commodus for betraying his legion and sets out to kill him. Marius poses as a gladiator in order to enter a special tournament Commodus is holding. Commodus has returned from Britannia a false hero, claiming all of Marius and the Fourteenth's victories as his own for the sake of his own deluded vanity and public image, finally being able to claim he is the greatest warrior in Roman history.

Marius and a small band of gladiators are to make their way through the coliseum battling barbarian prisoners in order to "emulate Commodus' achievements". The prize for reaching the end alive would be the chance to duel Commodus. Marius distinguishes himself during the match, and Commodus arranges to have the odds further stacked against him, such as sending extra barbarians into the fray, and eventually ordering the other gladiators to turn on him.

After all other foes are slain, Marius is finally permitted to face Commodus, who first showboats for the crowd with a rousing speech in his own honor. Marius is easily able to best Commodus, knocking him down and preparing to finish him, but Commodus then throws a fistful of sand in Marius' eyes, momentarily blinding him as Commodus' body doubles in matching armor surround him. Marius begins to kill off the body doubles one by one, all the while the real Commodus mocks him. When only the two of them are left, Marius again bests Commodus, and as he goes for the kill a strange mist rises up through the floor tiles, revealed by Commodus to be poison. Another two body doubles enter the combat and almost kill Marius, who fights back with his last gasp and manages to kill them both. Marius falls to his knees exhausted as Commodus casually taunts him, just then Marius spins around and lands two hits on Commodus, gravely weakening him. They then exchange blows for the final time, culminating in Marius impaling Commodus as the crowd falls silent and the Emperor Nero looks on in shock. Marius makes eye contact with Nero as Commodus falls to his knees, and Marius decapitates the false hero, then holds his head aloft as he faces Nero, and boldly declares "I am Damocles. I am vengeance. You are next!"

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