"Legend says that Damocles was a great warrior, a revered leader in a vast army".

- Leontius

Damocles, also known as the Black Centurion, was a legendary and brave Roman centurion.



Damocles, before his death

According to legend, he was the revered leader of a vast Roman army. However, during a massive battle, his commanders betrayed and abandoned him. Standing alone and outnumbered by the hundreds, Damocles was easily slain with a spear through the heart. When he fell into the underworld, Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, was enraged at how the hero had been treated despite his bravery.

She permitted him to come back to the Earth as a vengeful spirit - a ghostly, undead, black-armored centurion who would hunt down and kill each of the generals who had wronged him.

In later stages, it is revealed that Marius was resurrected the same way Damocles was and takes on the role of Damocles, killing Nero and his two sons, Basillius and Commodus.



Damocles transformed

Many Roman commanders carry a dagger with the image of Damocles on the scabbard, which serves as a reminder to always look after their men, or they would risk the Black Centurion returning from the dead to avenge their selfish mistakes.

Ryse damocles

Marius Titus posing as Damocles

Marius' inheritance of the role of Damocles may suggest that it has become a title to mean anyone who is exacting revenge on those who wronged him/her.


  • Damocles, in real life history, is a Greek anecdote which emphasizes something completely different to revenge and loyalty which is portrayed in Ryse: Son of Rome. The idea of the original story of Damocles shows that with great fortune and power come also great peril and anxiety.