Marius Titus
Marius Titus
Gender Male
Relatives Leontius (Father)

Septima (Mother) Honorata (Sister)

Voice actor John Hopkins
Appearances Ryse: Son of Rome

Marius Titus is the main character in Ryse: Son of Rome.

Marius's journey begins when he comes home to his family. After a training sword fight with his father, Leontius, his father, says, "It's the first time when son beats father." After that, they hear Marius's mother scream, see that Marius's mother was being chased by barbarians. After the fight with the barbarians, Marius and his father come to the fountain and see Marius' sister and mother massacred, and Marius's father swears that he will kill every last barbarian. After a fight to find Arena the man they tried to find was killed by barbarians. After another fight against barbarians, Marius' father is stabbed by Emperor Nero's sword, which was held by a barbarian. Marius later discovers that these Barbarians were, in fact, Emperor Nero's minions. After that Commander Vitallion puts Marius in the 14th Roman Legion. Soon after, Marius and fellow soldiers head to Brittania, and once they arrive, quickly become under barbarian attack.


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