Son of rome 1
Spirit God
Gender Female (Chosen Form)
Voice actor Nathalie Cox
Appearances Ryse: Son of Rome

Summer is one of the two Spirit Gods in Ryse: Son of Rome.


The goddess first appears after Marius Titus loses his way, telling him where to go while a large group of barbarians come from the other way. She then appears after Marius is defeated by Glott, telling him to rise and guides him to the location of his shield and sword. After York falls and Marius is thrown into the river, she saves his life by throwing a knife into the water. She appears again when Marius revisits Rome, telling him to kill Nero, and warns him before the latter stabs him with a knife. Finally, she appears together with Aquilo, before Marius' death.


She is stern and serious, but seems to care about Marius.


  • She seems to have a rivalry with Aquilo. He's god of winter, she's goddess of summer "Ceres" (Greek Demeter)

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