Vistas are circular metal objects that are placed in various locations around the levels of the campaign and serve as collectibles.

Location of vistasEdit

Chapter I: The BeginningEdit

  • Vista #1: After crossing the bridge using the wooden scaffolding, then completing a turret section, you’ll approach the impressive palace doors. While climbing the steps, look on the left for a glowing bronze vista.
  • Vista #2: Inside the palace, while escorting Nero, he will hide at the top of a staircase. Before continuing, use the stairs to the Emperor’s right and run down the hall. Duck through the debris to find the collectible leaning against one of the pillars to your left.

Chapter II: S.P.Q.R.Edit

  • Vista #3: As the chapter starts, Marius will appear in a small courtyard with a sun dial in the center. To the left, look for the vista resting against a bench overlooking the garden below.
  • Vista #4: Meeting up with Marius’ father and receiving the objective to reach the Roman Forum, you’ll enter a dark curved tunnel leading down. Look on the left wall partway down.
  • Vista #5: The last vista of the chapter is found after finding Marius’ father once again. Moving up a dark road, don’t miss the vista on the left wall before returning to the sunlight ahead.

Chapter III: Trial By FireEdit

  • Vista #6: Climbing up to the weather deck of the wrecked ship, look on the left bulwark.
  • Vista #7: While moving up the stone tower, you’ll need to deal with archers and more barbarians standing near tall windows. Look between the windows to find the second vista.
  • Vista #8: After defending against the wall of barbarian archers, you’ll return to controlling Marius on a wooden platform. Turn left to find the vista leaning on three barrels before moving on.
  • Vista #9: Reaching the fortification where Marius must destroy the tower catapult, look near the empty Scorpio turret to find the vista.

Chapter IV: The KingEdit

  • 'Vista #10: This hard-to-miss vista is located in the narrow canyon river. Jumping down into the water, look left for a tall boulder with the shield in plain view.
  • Vista #11: After using a testudo formation in the cavern to defend against archers, Marius will take them out and regroup with his allies ahead of a large door. Among the waiting Romans, check near a lit torch.

Chapter V: Edge of the WorldEdit

  • Vista #12: After Marius is kicked into the dank cave, he’ll be forced to fight a large barbarian with an animal head. Deal with the enemy, and move up the incline to find the vista to the left of the main path, near a burning torch.
  • Vista #13: Once you get out of formation with the Roman soldiers, Marius will need to search the swamp for enemies. The vista is resting against a forked tree straight ahead.

Chapter VI: Pax RomanaEdit

  • Vista #14:' Once the battle on the rooftop is finished, Marius will drop to the ground. Move through the narrow alley to the right, and you’ll exit out onto a street. Turn right again, and look to the left for a burning fire. Ahead of the fire, you’ll find the vista.
  • Vista #15: After completing another testudo sequence with your formation of soldiers, you’ll clear out the archers and move up a wooden ramp alone. Continue along onto a second ramp, then look right for an area under the roof. The vista should be plainly visible here.

Chapter VII: The Wrath of NemesisEdit

  • Vista #16: The first vista is located just after passing by the piles of dead bodies. Climb up the stonework and look right to find the glowing shield.
  • Vista #17: While on the elevator into the arena, with the objective to meet Basilius. As it stops, look on the wall opposite the exit door.
  • Vista #18: In the dark underworks below the arena, look behind a pillar to the right. There are stacks of crates and cages further to the right, next to the vista.
  • Vista #19: Entering the arena proper, Marius will step onto a boat staged in the area. Don’t drop down yet, look left for steps leading onto the upper deck with the vista resting against the railing.

Chapter VIII: Son of RomeEdit

  • Vista #20: On the large steps near the waiting group of soldiers, move up the steps and hop over the fallen pillar to the left. Climb onto the wooden scaffolding to find a vista.
  • Vista #21: At the riverside, a soldier under your command will unlock a gate. Move forward and hop the railing on the left to find a slightly-hidden vista.